Adrena Adrena

A collaboration between drummer E-Da Kazuhisa and visual artist Daisy Dickinson, Adrena Adrena cuts a raw blend of drums, noise and organic visual work. Through her film work, Dickinson has worked with everyone from The Flaming Lips to Deerhoof and Perfume Genius, whilst Kazuhisa has had a fruitful history drumming with groups like The Boredoms and Warp Records signees, Seefeel.

Review from Lucid Frenzy:

“The centre of the stage was taken up by projections which, always simple and often semi-abstract, never stole the limelight from the music. It was more like watching a trio, just one at work on different senses to the others. Pretty soon you weren’t taking in the sights and sounds as separate elements at all, but hand been induced into a kind of synaesthesia.

And if that seems like we’re reverting to Sixties terminology like ‘trip’ we might as well go with it…. it felt like a trip (man), like being taken through some other reality then dumped back in ours at the end.” – Gavin Burrows (Lucid Frenzy)”