Alice & Luuma: Self-resonating Feedback Cellos

Self-resonating Feedback Cellos is a durational drone duet for electro-acoustically modified cellos and no cellists.

Following the design of the Halldorophone by Halldór Ulfarsson, the cellos are fitted with electromagnetic guitar pickups which are plugged into transducers and speakers built-in to the instrument bodies, causing their strings to self-vibrate. This physical electro-acoustic feedback is intervened by biologically-inspired software models, which listen to the signals coming from each pick-up and differentially condition them in response, altering the sound fed into the speakers and so the vibrations induced in the strings. The acoustic-electro-digital instruments are independent sound-making systems, but are sensitive to their environment — serenely humming or barbarously yelping they respond to each other and other noisemakers in their vicinity.

Alice & Luuma (Alice Eldridge & Chris Kiefer) are two musician-researcher-educators based at the Sussex Humanities Lab/ Music Department, University of Sussex.

alice and luuma