Aura Satz

In recent years Aura Satz he has made a collection of films that look closely at sound visualisation through various technologies and acoustic devices such as the Chladni plate, the Ruben’s tube, the theremin, mechanical music, phonograph grooves and drawn/optical sound.

Her films engage with the materiality of these technologies and the resulting sound patterns – codes in the act of formation – and how these destabilise paradigms of writing and readership. The camerawork tends to pore over its subject, zooming in visually and acoustically until it becomes abstracted in scale and context and reconfigured to evoke a new anatomy or landscape of sorts, an architectural structure, or a writing system.

She is particularly interested in technologies, which are on the cusp of invention or obsolescence, at the point in time when their purpose, their ergonomic relationship to bodies, and the ways in which they might be modelled on physical or psychic human functions are at their most unstable.

The films in this programme are:

‘Little Doorways to Paths not Yet Taken’
‘Doorway for Natalie Kalmus’
‘Oramics, Atlantis Anew’
‘Sound Seam’
‘Onomatopoeic Alphabet’
‘Chromatic Aberration’