Darsha Hewitt – Electrostatic Bell Choir

Electrostatic Bell Choir is a electromechanical sound installation constructed of discarded CRT television monitors. The installation plays with static electricity and its driving kinetic force to agitate an assembly of bells positioned in front of these televisions. As a control circuit turns the TVs on and off in sequences, static builds up on the monitor screens causing a charge to strike the bells, resulting in a melodic sound installation that is intermittently lit up by the glow of each firing CRT.

Darsha Hewitt is a Canadian new media artist who is known for her use of DIY aesthetics, electromechanical sound installations and experimental hand-built audio performances.

Her works have been exhibited at Skol and Elektra Festival (CA), Modern Art Oxford (UK), WRO MEdia Art Biennale (PL), FACT (UK), CTM Festival (DE) and LEAP Berlin (DE).

As technologist and educator, Darsha’s electronics workshops are an integral to her artistic discipline, along with her how online educational videos. These have gained recognition from publications and forums within the field, Creative Application, Make:Magazine, Hack-A- Day and Create Digital Music. Darsha currently works in the Faculty of Media at the Bauhaus University, and holds a guest professorship in the New Media department at the Kunsthochschule Kassel.

darsha hewitt