David Bramwell: Ghost Villages and Abandoned Settlements

The UK lost over 3,000 lost settlements in the last millennia, though most are little more than footnotes in history. This talk explores those that we can still visit or see including drowned villages, those lost to the plague or those commandeered by the MOD. One even comes with a musical accompaniment courtesy of the band, Grasscut.

The lecture culminates with the exploration of one settlement that should be abandoned but isn’t: Sealand, which, in 1967, became an independent principality with its own flag, currency and piratical antics. To say any more would be to spoil it.

David Bramwell is the author of The No9 Bus to Utopia and a new book, The Haunted Moustache, an occult memoir based around a unique inheritance: a 100-year-old moustache in a box. He is host of Brighton’s long-running spoken word night, the Catalyst Club, and co-creator of Sing-along-a-Wickerman. He has given two TED talks and won a Sony Award for his work on BBC Radio 3.