Gabey Tjon a Tham – The Monads

Gabey Tjon a Tham (NL) transforms spaces into a sensory environment through kinetic machines, light and sound. She observes simple behaviours and patterns in nature from where she extracts and assembles fundamentals. Her work explores relationships between human kind, nature and technology where unpredictable processes, conflict and harmony, are important subjects. She develops techniques, invents mechanical sculptures that embed different materials and perform at different poetic levels. Hereby choreographies that have both a mechanical and natural character arise.

In every work, the elements are constantly evolving thus demanding patience and attentiveness to fully reveal themselves. They invite us to wonder at, contemplate, and investigate. With each work she aims to create immersive spaces where we can experience how the world touches us. 


The Monads

The Monads is a kinetic/sound installation of custom made leslie speakers inspired by the wind going through the tree leaves. The rotating speakers create a mix of direct and reflective sound through which the source seems to appear from close by as from far away. The control of sound and movement is approached from a meta-level. Instead of controlling each individual unit separately, there is a system of conditions by which the entities can move freely. Hereby various behavioural patterns arise through time.

Therefore what one hears and sees doesn’t have a beginning nor an end. The timing, speed, volume of sound, motors, and the relation between these formed the frame of rules that were set for this self-controlled system.

The title derives from Leibnitz’ philosophy where a Monad is an indivisible and hence ultimately simple entity, such as an atom or a person. 

With the kind support of Stroom, DordtYart, Steim and Creative Industries Fund NL