Gagarin – aka Graham Dowdall – has played with some legendary figures in music: he was part of Nico’s band for most of the 1980s, recorded an album with John Cale, and has a long-standing place in David Thomas’s groups Two Pale Boys and Pere Ubu. He has also released a string of solo albums, the most recent being last year’s AOTICP.

For Fort Process he will present a selection of pieces created this year in response to five hills in Surrey – Hascombe, Winterfold, Gibbet, Holmbury and Reynards. Using a mixture of field recordings and archeological investigation he has put together a sonic picture of the area. It isn’t all rural idyll, mind: “All the hills are within earshot of Gatwick Airport so the field recordings never purely consist of the bucholia of birdsong and gentle rain, though these are another near constant.”