Graham Dunning: The Mechanical Laboratory of Antimatter

For this year’s festival Graham Dunning will be taking over a room at the fort for the whole day, presenting The Mechanical Laboratory of Antimatter. Joining him for this will be Henry Collins, Leslie Deere and Sam Underwood (listed as separate artists – click for information). Together they will be creating and performing with a plethora of sound making machines, converting their temporary residence in the fort into a evolving workshop of mechanised alchemy.

Graham Dunning is self-taught as an artist and musician having studied neither discipline academically. He has performed solo and in ensembles across the UK, Switzerland and Norway, and shown solo sound installations in the UK, New Zealand and USA. He teaches Experimental Sound Art at the Mary Ward Centre in London and also gives various independent workshops. Dunning has solo releases on Entr’acte and various DIY labels.