Henry Collins

A young Henry Collins was fascinated by collecting and more recently hoarding objects. Originally trained as a sculptor, he was mentored by sound artist and course leader Charlie Hooker. in 2001 he started compose electronic music and was soon signed to Planet Mu, achieving surprising success very quickly. Much of the music he made in this period was comedic and sample based, spurred on by dance music cliches and the easy availability of music through peer to peer networks.

In 2011 Henry moved to rural France to refocus and live a quieter life, building instruments and composing music without agenda. In this era he also spent a year making his masterwork ‘Mash Hits’, an immense body of work based on 60 years of number one singles. In 2012 Henry moved to Bristol to concentrate on being a sound sculptor and artist full time, turning to the aesthetics of misuse and using various techniques to create inventions, installations, videos, art, and instruments. In 2013 he met Robin Foster, a chaotic kindred spirit and formulated the sound practice ‘Rummaging’ and performance faction Tippex

He continues to be omnidirectional, having a keen interest in drawing, foley, sound design, collage, drawing and free improvisation.

At Fort Process Henry will appear as part of Graham Dunning’s Mechanical Laboratory of Antimatter.