Rat City Workshops

Rat City Workshops are a team of three: Frances Laura Donnelly, Chris Torry and Ed Shipsey. They come together to facilitate group explorations of sound, creation and connection. These explorations have most recently focused on circuit making and manipulation using liquid, food and the human body. Their emphasis is on making complex and exciting aspects of engaging with sound accessible to a range of participants.

At Fort Process, Rat City Workshops will be conducting a series of circle rituals – or ‘workings’ – and conducting audible electricity through the bodies of the participants. The participants will become part of one of the most archetypal ritual forms, embedded in a site-specific, audio-centred and electrified re-working. The ritual will offer the chance to become part of a collectively intensified process that is inherently absent from individualistic experience.

When not running workshops, Frances Laura Donnelly is a sound artist, writer, musician and maker who recently completed a BA in Digital Music and Sound Art. Ed Shipsey is a qualified music therapist and multi-instrumentalist with a seasoned history of writing, recording, and performing. Chris Torry is a musician, photographer, writer, and nurse. Frances and Chris also make custom synths together as Rat City Synths.