Sally Golding

Sally Golding is a multimedia artist combining film projection, lighting and sonic composition to create expanded cinema performances and participatory installations. Golding’s audiovisual performance work focuses on the experience of the audience, pushing the boundaries of visual and auditory perception through the breakdown of the cinematic system into flicker, waveforms and colour fields; while her installations have harnessed the presence of the audience themselves by incorporating their reflected image into projections within immersive spaces.

Golding’s performances are overdriven audiovisual transmissions of light, form, colour and sound. Utilising a custom system of contact-printed waveforms on torchlight-exposed, hand-processed 16mm film, Golding creates sonic compositions from vinyl library music which interweave musings across science and superstition, philosophy and pulp. Using hacked devices such as sewing machine motors and laboratory strobe lights, Golding generates throbbing, hallucinogenic visual distortions, which are also outputted as sonic signals. Cacophonic in form and content, performances transcend chaos and enter a hypnotic zone.