Sarah Angliss & Laura Cannell


Sarah Angliss and Laura Cannell will be making ingenious use of two adjacent, highly reverberant rooms in the fort’s Grand Magazine. When you make a sound in one room, reverberations can be felt and heard in the other. Angliss and Cannell will exploit this acoustic curiosity by drawing on the traditional ‘echo fantasy’ – a renaissance and baroque special effect involving a call and response between visible and hidden performers. In their 21st-century take on the echo fantasy, the duo will use live Max processing to augment the sounds of their ancient, acoustic instruments, warping the sonic coupling between the rooms.

Sarah Angliss

Sarah Angliss is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, sound historian and maker of musical automata. Though her work, she explores the uncanny properties of technology, revealing resonances between European folklore and early notions of electricity and sound. A prolific live musician, Sarah’s also composes for theatre – most recently for The Old Vic, London, where her sounds evoked modernity in O’Neill’s Expressionist masterpiece The Hairy Ape.


Laura Cannell

Laura Cannell is both a prodigious player of early / medieval music and a avid experimental musician. A recent collaboration saw her playing with Ralph Cumbers (aka Bass Clef) and Charles Hayward of This Heat as Oscilanz, an improvisatory trio who create wild, psychedelic interpretations of the music of the 12th century mystic and composer Hildegard Von Bingen.

laura cannell