Scrying Ylem

Z*qhygoem and Wynyy Wyvyrn began collaborating 13 years ago within the queer pagan subculture; the duo combines multimedia experiments with magical focus.

The name describes their divinatory process of improvised music-making – translating the auditory practice into its visual equivalent:

Scrying = gazing at a crystal ball, black mirror, flames, water, smoke, clouds, etc. to produce “visions”;
Ylem = a hypothetical source of all elements.

Expanding upon the scrying concept, they invite the audience to take an active listening-viewing rôle by providing scrying tools to be used while they draw sounds out of the “ylem” within a meditative ritual space. Alterations, notably in ambient settings, are made for each session in order to explore how these contrasts affect both their music and the collective imagery of the participants’ journeyings. The special acoustic resonances and atmosphere of the fort are sure to add a unique influence.