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Outside the event there will be a programme of workshops from performing artists, with an addition run of events involving students of the University of Brighton and Sussex Downs College coming later this autumn.


Seijiro’s percussion approach focuses on minute changes of timbre that happen over time when playing with acoustic instruments, and he is also very focussed on how the environment affects sounds. His workshop will explore these elements but will be based around participants playing rather than theorising., Eva Justka, Limpe Fuchs, Toshimaru Nakamura, Carla Bozulich and more. Information on this will publicised on the Lost Property website and social networks.

The Coach House, Brighton
2-6pm, September 2nd


Toshimaru Nakamura is a pioneer of the no-input mixing desk approach to sound-making. On the eve of Fort Process he will be holding an improvisation workshop at the Coach House in Brighton’s Kemptown. Limited to 6 participants, so early booking is advised.

The Coach House, Brighton
7-10pm, September 2nd


A special one-off workshop from Limpe Fuchs, following on from her performance at Fort Process.

“Playing together with her instruments, with voice, or with own instruments. Ideal condition for self developing structures (Autopoiesis), unbalance, self-determination, openness. Participants experience being moved through instrumental vibrations produced by them and manual skills increase with playing. When precision of listening is growing and the faith in playing, nonverbal communication begins.”

The Hillcrest Centre, Newhaven
2-6pm, September 4th


“Repetition, drone, listening, melody, metamorphosis, minimalism, body, giant sound, hideousness, glamour and risk. These are themes of the interactive, melodic sound abuse workshop I’ll be guiding. Hopefully the participants will be a small bunch of kooks with flight attendant uniforms and gold teeth, wielding giant bass amps, pitch-shift peddles, Big Muffs, egg beaters and short wave radios — ready for anything. Please, god, let there be a tuba. This thing appeals a lot to younger persons but any sort of person can and should brings their spirit to this collaboration.”

The Rose Hill, Brighton
2-10pm, September 4th


Diep~Haven is a cross-Channel festival of contemporary creation, returning to Newhaven for its third edition on 3rd September until 2nd October. Taking the portrait as its central theme, ‘Face to Face’ includes a trail of exhibitions through the town, featuring new commissions and recent works by French and British artists across a range of media and an accompanying events programme.

This year Diep~Haven and Fort Process have joined forces and worked together to co-produce a number of events and film screenings. In the fort’s Theatre, we will be co-presenting two films, whilst a Fort Process artist will be performing as part of the Diep~Haven’s event in the town centre’s abandoned Co-Op space.