Lost Property

lostproperty2When we first started to think about putting on this event we realised it was a bigger thing than one or two individuals could take on, so it made sense to involve the collectives that put on the most interesting events in our area: Club Zygotic, Safehouse, Spirit of Gravity, Bang the Bore, Colour Out Of Space, At The Coach House and Eleusian Press.

We’ve called this new coagulation Lost Property.

Club Zygotic have put on over 20 Splitting the Atom all-dayers – these have been a lightning rod for experimental music, espousing a firm ethos of grass-roots DIY acts occupying the same space as established artists.

Spirit of Gravity have been supporting electronic music from the fringes for 13 years.

Safehouse have spent a decade building their reputation as one of the UK’s foremost free improvisation workshops, as well as hosting a range of national and international artists.

Colour Out Of Space has garnered an internationally-recognised position as Britain’s foremost gathering of 21st-century out-sound.

Bang the Bore have put on events in Bristol, Brighton, Leeds and Southampton, hosted gallery installations in Southampton’s John Hansard gallery, as well as curating experimental music at Supernormal arts and music festival (2011-13).

Newhaven’s Eleusinan Press is dedicated to giving a platform to voices outside of the norm, including writing on esoterica, psychogeography, mental health activism, confessional poetry and a raft of intelligent writers otherwise excluded from academic writing.

At The Coach House is a community hub for dance lessons, herbalism and bee-keeping, and is also beloved by musicians as the best venue in Brighton for quiet music.