Sam Hewitt appears to be a multi-media artist. He resembles a former member of the band Clearlake, a co-developer of The Private Sector and half of the Fortunecats digital art collaboration. Sam also seems to be a well regarded oil painter and his works are said to be in collections around the world. He may be interested in human conscious and unconscious awareness as it manifests in our relational physicality.

“The shadow of the conscious self is ever present. Within it lie our hidden motives established in childhood. They go unnoticed until threatened and often unexamined without crisis.”

The Painting of Fort process

Sam Hewitt will be moving around the fort making a series of paintings. Setting up wherever seems right and painting people, their shadows and how they are with Fort Process. Do approach him if you would like to sit for a portrait. His work often uses layering of subjects to represent different levels of consciousness. These paintings will form the basis of a new collection to be shown later in the year.

Sam was a visitor to the first Fort Process in 2014 and took great inspiration from what he found there.