UKAEA is a mysterious, multi-disciplinary collective of performers, who attempt to recreate a ritual framework from disparate, unconnected scraps of the past, as perceived after some kind of event horizon or year zero.

Previous rituals have been said to involve naked people dripping in paint, occult-looking headresses, a violin, a djembe, generative software, modular synths, percussion, pedal boards, peculiar visual projections, chanting, reactive lighting, etc. The music is a mix of polyrhythmic, mesmeric percussion, and feverish levels of hypnotic, mind-altering noise.

As the performance progresses, individual input becomes re-assimilated, and a group mindset emerges; then things start getting intoxicatingly weird. The physical and spacial elements envelop the audience, and an otherworldly energy starts to flow.

Photo credit: Sylwia Jarzynka